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Eric Lancheres is a search engine optimization expert that specializes in Panda and Penguin recoveries. He was a featured guest speaker at Traffic and Conversion, SEO Rockstars, Internet Marketing Party and has helped hundreds of website owners recover their traffic. His traffic recovery program can be found at

ECommerce SEO Guide: 3 Weaknesses in The Google Algorithm That Skyrocket Traffic

ecommerce seo guide

Getting traffic to an online store is nothing like getting traffic to an blogger’s site. You don’t have all day to spend crafting the perfect blog post, taking pictures of your latest meal and liking everything on social media. You have a business to run! Adding products to your site, dealing with suppliers, shipping products, fixing website issues and dealing with customer support are only some of the responsibilities you have to deal with as…

5 Steps To Remove The Bad Backlinks That Are Harming Your Website And Killing Your Traffic

Google Link penalty

It was 6:06 am on a Sunday morning when a Skype messaged arrived that said: “Eric HELP! It’s gone… it’s all gone! My site is gone from the index!” He was right! It was an emergency. His entire business had been de-indexed from the search engines due to a severe manual penalty and come Monday morning, the phones would not be ringing for the first time since he opened the business 8 years prior. SEO…

No More Profile Photos In Google’s Search Results

John Mueller, Google engineer, just announced that they were revamping the way the search results look on Google and that photos commonly associated with authorship will no longer be showing up in the search results. This can potentially be a defensive move towards a monopoly issue (where Google is accused of unfairly using their monopoly to force people to use Google+) or it can be that they have deemed that it will not scale with…