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Eric Lancheres is a search engine optimization expert that specializes in Panda and Penguin recoveries. He was a featured guest speaker at Traffic and Conversion, SEO Rockstars, Internet Marketing Party and has helped hundreds of website owners recover their traffic. His traffic recovery program can be found at

Google Panda 4.0 Rolls Out – Easier Rankings?

Google Panda 4 Video

Google released Panda 4.0 today, May 22nd 2014. At first glance, it appears as if websites that were borderline have improved in rankings which tends to indicate that the latest version of Panda is actually more gentle than it’s predecessor. Matt Cutts announced the news on his twitter page which has resulted in everyone with a website to check their Google Analytics stats and load up their favorite ranking tool to verify if they were…

Google Panda Guide Uncovered on Google Sites

how to recover from panda

A complete guide to recovering from Google Panda has been discovered on a Google site. It provides a much more in depth look at the algorithmic penalty that has negatively impacted so many websites. The discovery is the equivalent of finding a USB disk drive containing the Google algorithm and allows SEO experts to reverse the effects of the penalty on any website. The Google penalty has plagued website owners for years and is partly…

Authority Websites vs Popular Websites

Every once in a while Matt Cutts actually produces a useful video that provides usable information for the SEO community. The most recent video addresses the difference between how Google defines an authoritative website versus a popular one. Summed up, it comes down to this: Popular websites will receive a lot of traffic and authoritative websites will receive links from trusted websites. The example he provides is that although more people visit adult sites, few…