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This is a review of Eric Lancheres’s premium SEO training program Traffic Research. It’s an online membership area designed specifically to increase your SEO knowledge in video format. Included are other features that will be discussed further down this article.

Who is Eric Lancheres?

From my understanding, there is a little history as to how Eric ended up in the world of SEO. He ran affiliate websites earning more than a decent living with a team of assistants when in a single day had suddenly lost over 90% of his traffic… Panda & Penguin struck!

After many months of trail and error he managed to claw his traffic back (and more) and has since been credited for being the first SEO to have cracked Panda & Penguin.

Research also shows he was given the podium at the SEO Rockstar Event to teach all attending on how to solve the Panda & Penguin problem that affected so many websites.

There is something noble about such stories, because you need to give a man credit who ended up losing his entire income in a month not knowing when his next meal would come and had no other option but to find a solution.

I personally saw (through communication in Traffic Research) this reflecting in his character. He knows exactly what it is like to be in dire straits, desperately trying to find solutions and as a result, he knows how to direct you compassionately.

Traffic Research: What is it?

Entering the member’s area instantly caught my eye. The site has a simple feel that pulls you towards the well laid out SEO video collection.

Just as important for me, was the layout worked perfectly on mobile too! Knowing I can acquire a wealth of information through my mobile while traveling appeals to me greatly. I feel so much time is wasted at airports waiting, so why not watch a video or two on your handheld device?

Initially, after going through some of the videos, I discovered a huge chunk of them are based off actual tests that Eric conducts. There is something comforting in knowing that the content is not rehashed information disguised behind a “fancy” member’s area, but rather based on his own discoveries and tactics he personally uses and tests.

The sheer quantity of videos covering everything SEO related is mind-boggling. You would not think it possible that so much can be covered on the subject matter.
For me, this was impressive but did pose a little bit of a problem… trying to figure out how to sort through the vast quantity of videos based on your immediate SEO requirements. Maybe the videos could be categorized in some way Eric?

And did I mention that a new video is published every week, I had problems keeping up.

Inside The Traffic Research Member’s Area

Once subscribed, you are sent a message stating accounts are manually verified before being given access to all material (although you have access to his SEO Simplified Series as a starter pack). From a personal standpoint, knowing security checks are being made shows the efforts being made to protect the content from the outside world (a true exclusive membership area).

Once your account is verified, you have access to the following:

Main Member’s Area

The first thing you noticed when you log in is the vast collection of videos. At the very top, Eric introduces himself and provides a tour of the whole area and what’s available. Watch this video and you will become familiar of your surrounds within Traffic Research.


Advanced SEO Forum

If the videos weren’t enough, Traffic Research also provides an Advanced SEO Forum where members can ask their SEO questions and interact.

The beauty of this is, Eric is on there actively answering questions too. You are getting responses far quicker than anything through emailing and it is like having him at your disposal!

Note: The forum was not designed as a means to get in contact with Eric directly, but rather to engage, discuss and help each other out… but rest assured, it’s not long before Eric chimes in and gives his two cents.


Link Vault

An added bonus to the Traffic Research member’s area is the Link Vault. As the name suggests, this is Eric’s personal Rolodex of link sources he uses to acquire backlinks for increased juice and relevance.


Eric’s main focus appears to be about getting the most powerful links of the highest quality. This way fewer links can be sources for maximum rankings (efficient link building with less work).

What I also like, he teaches members how to get the best links focusing on specific elements that many never check for when deciding where to get links from.

Price: Is The Money Worth The Course?

I first heard about Eric about 3 years ago, a few years after the whole Panda Penguin epidemic hit. I was desperate to start learning SEO and felt the time had come to bite the bullet and invest money into it.

At the time, it was a big hit on my wallet, not necessarily because of the subscription cost itself, but rather, I was unemployed, had no incoming and every cent counted. In fact, I had to eventually cancel my subscription, because I felt I would not be able to afford it in the long run, even though I probably could have managed a year’s subscription (me being tight I guess).

During that time I had Eric’s email address and he actually made an effort to answer my emails which surprised me considering I was no longer a member (his character I guess). It was then I decided it’s only fair to bite the bullet (properly this time) and reinvest into Traffic Research and start learning SEO.

In the end, it was well worth it and I am getting a return on my investment!

My Verdit On Eric Lancheres’s Program

I personally joined as a complete SEO rookie and I’m not going to lie, the journey has been tough (but worth it). Traffic Research is designed for those who have medium to advanced SEO skills, so be warned, if you are new to it, you really need to pull up those sleeves and challenge yourself in order to take advantage of the material.

There are no short-cuts in SEO, however, the program teaches you how to work in the most efficient way possible while channeling your focus on “things” that matter. Combine this with the course being relatively inexpensive, then it is not long why you start noticing an ROI far sooner than expected… and that’s the ultimate goal!

Here my verdict break-down of Eric Lancheres’s program review:


  • Material in video format (visual learning).
  • SEO Simplified Series starter pack available for beginners.
  • Support response time is quick (usually within same day).
  • Video recommendation offered by support based on immediate requirements.
  • Free tools & plugins to help with improved site user experience.
  • Direct communication with Eric Lancheres on Forum.
  • Access to Eric’s Rolodex of link sources.
  • Video series bundled into categorized programs (easy access from main navigation).


  • Videos not categorized.
  • Strict terms of service on video usage
  • Manual verification required upon purchase. You can watch the SEO Simplified series while you wait to get verified. It took 3 hrs for me to get verified.
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