Viper Chill writes about this in their post called: “Why Google Pushed Me To A Bigger Link Network” where they discuss how Google’s favoring larger corporations and why you need to take back control of your rank.

According to ViperChill, GoDaddy is ranking while violating Google guidelines and they are getting away with it. Namely with the keyword “SSL certificate” that employs keyword links inside widgets/badges they distribute. They have thousands of widget links which help them rank for a huge money term.


If any of us did that, we’d be slapped in a second! (I have a friend that was penalized for 2 years because of widget related anchor text)

And then, you have CNet hosting thin affiliate pages which rank due to internal links. (Seriously, internal linking is one of the most powerful things you can do for your site)

The moral of the story is: “If these guys can cheat… then I’m going to cheat too”. Not exactly logic that I agree with, but I understand where they are coming from at least.

If these guys can cheat… then I’m going to cheat too

It’s a GREAT post so I strongly recommend checking it out. In fact, most of the stuff on Viper Chill is gold. Good job guys.

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