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Eric Lancheres is a search engine optimization expert that specializes in Panda and Penguin recoveries. He was a featured guest speaker at Traffic and Conversion, SEO Rockstars, Internet Marketing Party and has helped hundreds of website owners recover their traffic. His traffic recovery program can be found at

1Shoppingcart Down… Again… UPDATE #3: Down Again

What’s the opposite of profit? Well in my case, it’s having 1shoppingcart go down once again… which means that most of my transactions cannot go through. It means that nearly every item that I sell cannot be sold at the moment! So instead of working on improving the user experience of my customers, I’m writing this notice while I wait for it to return. So what are the alternatives? I’m going to have to change…

Google’s Panda Patent Revealed


Google Panda, released in February 2011 was one of the most important algorithms ever released by Google and now affects every single website on the internet. That’s why I’m really excited that today a patent surrounding the Panda algorithm has been granted and released to the public. The patent, released on March 25th 2014, is credited to one of Google’s lead engineers, Navneet Panda, after whom the algorithm is named and to Vladimir Ofitserov. (Credit…

How Grammar Affects Site Quality

How Grammar Affects Site Quality

Matt Cutts explains that you shouldn’t need to re-write your comments if they are poorly written because it shouldn’t affect the quality. First, this implies that proper grammar IS a quality indicator (So make sure that you aren’t using grammar that Google does not recognize) and second, it also means that Google can differentiate “main content” and “comments” on a page. We have long theorized that pages that receive a constant stream of comments seem…